Katie Penryn


A very special Storyteller

Katie’s fascination with leopards stems from her wild childhood on the Kenyan coast when leopards roamed at the bottom of her garden. She admires their strength and cunning, and adores the beauty of their coats. So, when Mpenzi Munro mentioned to Katie she would like a shapeshifter as her mystery solving colleague, there was no competition. In stepped sexy Felix with his peridot colored eyes, straight from the jungle of the Middle Congo.

Katie now lives in the south west of France, not far from Beaucoup-sur-Mer. The wildest visitor she’s had there was a ferocious wild boar who scared the living daylights out of her and her dogs, and tore the fence down. He was more frightening than any leopard and nothing like as handsome.

Katie’s Heroic Dogs

Half Siberian Husky and half Border Collie, Katie’s dogs combine the gentleness of the Husky with the intelligence of the Border Collie.

The black and white dog is the male and is called Zed. He’s a sweetie-pie. His sister is called Malaika, the Swahili for “angel”.

They were fearsome in their defence of Katie when the wild boar attacked.