The Witch who Couldn't Spell

A WITCH IN NEED ... Mpenzi Munro’s life changes forever when a mysterious parcel arrives from her father’s lawyers. Penzi has been looking after her two younger brothers for the past seven years in their home in Notting Hill Gate, London – ever since their mother ran away to find herself. The strange parcel contains amongst other documents her absentee father’s Last Will and Testament. The children’s inheritance depends upon Penzi’s moving the family to France, to her father’s old holiday home. No one wants to make the move least of all Penzi who has recently established herself as a barrister with a starter portfolio of clients, but move they must. With a few hiccups along the way they arrive at Les Dragons in Beacoup-sur-mer to find a nasty surprise awaiting them in their garden and threatening the liberty of their newly found mother. Penzi needs all her resources to set her mother free, even those she has denied all her life, and so she has to decide whether to accept her witchiness or not. …IS A WITCH INDEED. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Mpenzi Munro Cozy Mysteries

The Witch who Loved Eclairs

A WITCH IN TIME… Mpenzi Munro and her family are settling down to their new life in the French seaside town of Beaucoup-sur-mer. At last, Penzi can find out what treasures are stored in the antiques shop attached to their centuries old house on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. However, evil is never far away, even in a quiet little town like Beaucoup-sur-mer. It’s not long before Penzi receives an urgent phone call from the mayor, Monsieur Bonhomie, asking her to help him with his latest crisis. Felix, Penzi’s multi-talented and sexy bodyguard, tries to stop Penzi from taking up the challenge, but Penzi is a newly committed white witch who says, “A witch has to do what a witch has to do.” So, family life is put on hold again while Penzi adds to her portfolio of spells in her fight to bring the murderer to justice. …SAVES NINE. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Got the Blues

Golden lads and girls all must… The nasty cockroach has its claws in Penzi. That’s what they call the blues in France. Penzi is tired out after moving her family to France, learning to be a witch and solving two murders in under three weeks. Enter Jonny Sauvage, sexy blues guitarist from New Orleans, on tour in France with his band. Golden lad and classic bad boy, he's happy to play his music and sow his wild oats anywhere. Penzi likes him, but not everyone is a fan. …as chimney sweepers come to dust.

Our Man in Mazita series

This series is separate from the Mpenzi Munro Cozy Mystery series. It is about an imaginary island off the coast of East Africa. The stories cover the life of a hard working diplomat who has taken on the responsibility of bringing up his three children, Poppy, Suze and Charlie. The tone is humorous verging on the satirical. The story "Something Rotten" does involve a crime and a murder but not in the traditional cozy sense. Please press the MAZITA tab above to go to the page that showcases this series.

Katie Penryn a long time ago!

Katie grew up in Kenya where her mother ran a dairy farm up country while her father worked for the British High Commission at the coast. She had a wild and adventurous childhood as she and her siblings ran free during the school holidays. Katie now lives in the Dordogne, in the South West of France, not far from Beaucoup-sur-mer. She runs a creative center for writers and artists with her two Siberian Huskies and a fluffy grey cat.

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