The Witch who Hated Halloween - Book 7

This is Penzi’s worst Halloween ever. She’s always hated Halloween, and this one is the pits. She's tempting fate. Fate in the shape of her old foe who launches a new attack on our favorite white witch. This time it's a fight to the death. Will her bodyguard, the shape shifting leopard Felix, be there to lend tooth and claw as the natural and supernatural worlds collide on this most spooky night of the year?

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Mpenzi Munro Mysteries

The Witch who Couldn't Spell

Penzi ‘s a clever and hardworking young barrister who happens to be dyslexic. She’s just about coping with bringing up her two younger brothers and her new practice in London when her absentee father’s will arrives from his lawyers. Not only does he instruct her to move the family to France, but he also tells her she was born a white witch. A white witch of all things? Penzi’s highly skeptical. She has no time for such silly things as magic and witches. “Take up the fight of good against evil,” her father goes on. “It’s in your mitochondrial DNA and can no longer be denied.” “We’ll see about that,” says Penzi. But fate gives destiny a nudge. Their new home is a crime scene. Their long-lost mother is arrested for murder. Now, Penzi could do with all the skills at her disposal if she’s to clear her mother, but how can she learn the magic she needs when she can’t even read the Book of Spells? Enter Felix. Who or what is this intelligent, green-eyed, hunk of awesome purrrrrrfection? - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Loved Eclairs

A WITCH IN TIME… Mpenzi Munro and her family are settling down to their new life in the French seaside town of Beaucoup-sur-mer. At last, Penzi can find out what treasures are stored in the antiques shop attached to their centuries old house on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. However, evil is never far away, even in a quiet little town like Beaucoup-sur-mer. It’s not long before Penzi receives an urgent phone call from the mayor, Monsieur Bonhomie, asking her to help him with his latest crisis. Felix, Penzi’s multi-talented and sexy bodyguard, tries to stop Penzi from taking up the challenge, but Penzi is a newly committed white witch who says, “A witch has to do what a witch has to do.” So, family life is put on hold again while Penzi adds to her portfolio of spells in her fight to bring the murderer to justice. …SAVES NINE. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Got the Blues

Golden lads and girls all must… The nasty cockroach has its claws in Penzi. That’s what they call the blues in France. Penzi is tired out after moving her family to France, learning to be a witch and solving two murders in under three weeks. Enter Jonny Sauvage, sexy blues guitarist from New Orleans, on tour in France with his band. Golden lad and classic bad boy, he's happy to play his music and sow his wild oats anywhere. Penzi likes him, but not everyone is a fan. …as chimney sweepers come to dust. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Found a Pearl

White witch Mpenzi Munro thinks herself lucky when she finds a beautiful pearl in her lunchtime oyster. Her friend Izzy suggests they visit the oyster farm from which the pearl came. She has no idea she is launching Penzi and Penzi’s shape shifting bodyguard Felix on a perilous investigation into the murky history of a region torn by war throughout the ages. Penzi’s self-confidence falters when she stumbles upon another dead body, but with Felix and her friends Izzy and Garth beside her, she adds the wisdom her lucky pearl brings her to her developing skill as a white witch and surges ahead in her determination to bring the perpetrators to justice. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Saved Christmas

Our story begins on a midnight clear. Mpenzi Munro and her shapeshifting bodyguard Felix are once again called upon in the fight of good against evil. This time it is Christmas Eve. A vile and evil monster is trying to sabotage Santa's delivery of Christmas presents to the children of the world. Penzi wants to stay home and have a family dinner, but Felix reminds her that a witch has to do what a witch has to do. Of course, Penzi does what she has to do with the help of the High Council of the Guild of White Witches. This story is not a who-dunnit like the other stories in the series, but is rather a tale of how-to-do-it to a nasty monster. It is a stand-alone novella and is a story suitable for reading to or with children. However, the vocabulary is set at an adult level so children may need some simplification, which in itself leads to interaction between parent and child at Christmastime. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Foiled the Plot

At last Felix can keep Penzi out of danger. Or can he? With enough to live on for the rest of their lives, they no longer need to work for a living. However, when evil comes knocking at the door again, Penzi once more has to choose whether to take up the fight for good or rest on her laurels. Her new friends who own vineyards and a distillery in Cognac have fallen foul of the powers of greed and wickedness. Well, you know our Penzi. What do you think she'll do? Let it go, or throw herself into the battle? Can Penzi ignore their plight, or will she take up her vocation as a white witch and fight the good fight once more. - Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Witch who Hated Halloween

This is Penzi’s worst Halloween ever. She’s always hated Halloween. But perhaps she was tempting fate. Fate in the shape of her old foe who launches a new attack on our favorite white witch. Will her bodyguard, the shape shifting leopard Felix, be there to lend tooth and claw as the natural and supernatural worlds collide on this most spooky night of the year?

The Witch who Risked the Shot

Accident or grisly murder? To lose one body may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness. Can our favorite white witch solve this puzzling case? After a harrowing Halloween, Penzi’s had enough of villains, but the powers of darkness will not leave the little French seaside town of Beaucoup-sur-Mer in peace. The mayor sets Penzi and Felix, her leopard shape shifting sidekick, the task of finding a solution to the explosion of the wild boar population. What starts out as a carefree environmental study ends in unimaginable horror. Can Penzi put aside her personal misgivings to tackle the evil in men’s souls and bring closure to her new neighbors? "The Witch who Risked the Shot" is the latest of eight engrossing mysteries which take place in a world of white magic sprinkled with spells and gentle humor. If you love stories about witches, magic, and talking cats and dogs, all spiced up with a dollop of danger, you’ll love following along with Penzi and Felix as they fight the good fight against evil in the little French seaside town of Beaucoup-sur-Mer. ( This is a stand-alone novel, but your enjoyment will be enhanced by reading the series in order.)

Our Man in Mazita series

This series is separate from the Mpenzi Munro Cozy Mystery series. It is about an imaginary island off the coast of East Africa. The stories cover the life of a hard working diplomat who has taken on the responsibility of bringing up his three children, Poppy, Suze and Charlie. The tone is humorous verging on the satirical. The story "Something Rotten" does involve a crime and a murder but not in the traditional cozy sense. Please press the MAZITA tab above to go to the page that showcases this series.

Katie Penryn a long time ago!

Katie's fascination with leopards stems from her wild childhood on the Kenyan coast when leopards roamed at the bottom of her garden. She admires their strength and cunning, and adores the beauty of their coats. So, when Mpenzi Munro mentioned to Katie she would like a shapeshifter as her mystery solving colleague, there was no competition. In stepped sexy Felix with his peridot colored eyes, straight from the jungle of the Middle Congo. Katie now lives in the south west of France, not far from Beaucoup-sur-mer. The wildest visitor she’s had there was a ferocious wild boar who scared the living daylights out of her and her dogs, and tore the fence down. He was more frightening than any leopard and nothing like as handsome.

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