Katie Penryn


Katie combines her wild childhood on the Kenyan coast with her love for her new home in south west France, not far from Beaucoup-sur-Mer.

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Delicate white petals flutter in a summer’s breeze.

All the while, cruel hearts beat to the rhythm of an evil drum.

White witch Penzi and her assistant Felix, the shapeshifting leopard from the Middle Congo, are no strangers to wickedness, but they don’t expect their carefree trip into the French countryside for a family picnic to be the prelude to yet another batch of murders.

Say France and poppies and most people conjure up a vision of the scarlet wildflowers of the battlefields of World War One and our remembrance of all who died there. However, a century later, it’s the violet-tinged white poppy that takes center stage. It’s an important contributor to the country’s economy.

But all is not well in the local poppy fields. Once again Penzi heeds the call to restore the balance of good and evil in the surroundings of her new home town of Beaucoup-sur-Mer. Felix tries but cannot hold her back. Penzi stays true to her vocation. Of course, Felix gives in and is there to help and protect her.

Publication December 2022

Mass-produced prints or original masterpieces?

Someone’s watching Penzi and Felix investigate. Someone who’ll not stop at murder.

At long last, white witch Penzi and her sidekick Felix, the shapeshifting leopard from the Middle Congo, find themselves with the time to return to their task of sorting out the contents of the brocante or antiques shop next to their house in Beaucoup-sur-Mer. Months ago, they cleaned and tidied up the place, disposing of the obvious dross. Now, it’s time to arrange for the valuation of the paintings and sculptures that remain.

The assessor from the Louvre in Paris tells Penzi and Felix he’s being shadowed. Once again, Penzi and Felix deal with the echoes of the unhappy history of the region. Someone knows more about the provenance of the artworks than he does. Who and why?

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